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Regular Forum Global Property Forum
Discuss property, finance and economics topics for any country in the world
Chip Kelly didn't want to trade Nick Foles… Today, 10:42 PM, By justfor
8 viewers Topics: 22,366 Replies: 916
Regular Forum General Discussion Forum
General discussion forum for topics unrelated to property
Rat Pressed the Stimulus Lever the Most Today, 1:26 AM, By meudoyad
9 viewers Topics: 22,787 Replies: 5,046
Regular Forum Advertising and Promotion
Promote your property related business or service in this forum
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6 viewers Topics: 5,173 Replies: 398
Regular Forum UK and Ireland Property Forum
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland
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4 viewers Topics: 1,862 Replies: 186
Regular Forum Europe Property Forum
All Eurozone and European countries
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4 viewers Topics: 4,312 Replies: 178
Regular Forum USA and Canada Property Forum
Canada and United States of America
ahead of a trip this point resolutely opposed Today, 9:00 AM, By ebinoase
2 viewers Topics: 2,269 Replies: 285
Regular Forum South America Property Forum
Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana etc.
FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE EARN 3k-$10,000 … Yesterday, 1:17 PM, By tradebuzzing
0 viewers Topics: 1,025 Replies: 52
Regular Forum Africa Property Forum
South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia etc.
FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE EARN 3k-$10,000 … Yesterday, 1:20 PM, By tradebuzzing
1 viewer Topics: 729 Replies: 45
Regular Forum Indian Subcontinent Property Forum
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan
FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE EARN 3k-$10,000 … Yesterday, 1:20 PM, By tradebuzzing
0 viewers Topics: 899 Replies: 39
Regular Forum Middle East Property Forum
Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, UAE, Kuwait, Syria, Qatar, Iraq etc.
FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE EARN 3k-$10,000 … Yesterday, 1:21 PM, By tradebuzzing
0 viewers Topics: 467 Replies: 24
Regular Forum South East Asia Property Forum
Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma etc.
FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE EARN 3k-$10,000 … Today, 12:14 AM, By tradebuzzing
0 viewers Topics: 3,056 Replies: 62
Regular Forum Russia Property Forum
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0 viewers Topics: 422 Replies: 27
Regular Forum Japan Property Forum
FREE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE EARN 3k-$10,000 … Yesterday, 1:24 PM, By tradebuzzing
0 viewers Topics: 553 Replies: 14
Redirect Forum China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Property Forum
Hits: 6,330
Redirect Forum Australia and New Zealand Property Forum
Hits: 25,040

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The World Property Forum is an economics and finance forum dedicated to discussion of global real estate markets, including house prices, housing affordability, and the likelihood of a global house price crash. Is there a housing bubble? Will house prices crash, boom or stagnate? Is it better to buy using a home loan, or rent and save the difference? How might a credit crunch or peak debt environment impact property prices? Is the property market a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme? Can house prices rise forever as people bet on future gains, refinance their mortgage and borrow against equity, or can we find a more sustainable long term approach to managing the global housing market? These are the type of questions we hope to address here, at the World Property Forum, the premier real estate site for property bears, bulls, investors, and speculators! Whether you're a Property Investor, First Home Buyer (FHB) or you're a happily renting tenant, this forum has something for everyone. The forum includes a blog feature, so members may create their own property blog. Members may talk finance, modern monetary theory (MMT), debt deflation, talk money, or discuss Somersoft style property investing topics. Are reverse home equity loans good or bad for society? Is the housing shortage a myth? What about negative gearing? Reverse mortgages? Are too many people taking on debt consolidation when they cannot even manage basic debt management? Are they gambling with their future? Were the floods a black swan event, exposing many with inadequate home insurance? How does asbestosis and mesothelioma impact home values? Is it a good time to buy a house? To find out, keep a close eye on auction results and auction clearance rates, and visit this forum often for all the latest house price news.

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